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Walk the path less travelled to Santiago de Compostela, Spain
» Available year 'round

Droves of pilgrims now walk the famous French Trail from the border at the Pyrenees, across Northern Spain to Santiago, but there are alternative routes to the famous spires of Santiago’s Cathedral. Consider the Northern Route, passing through beautiful Asturian countryside, lush with wooded hills and small villages perfectly suited to walking.

You don’t have to be a penitent to walk the rail either, so restore sapped energy by sampling the famous local cuisine and ciders en route. Take your time, avoid the madding crowds and enjoy a more peaceful pilgrimage.

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Get jiggy with the jaguars in Brazil’s Pantanal
» Pantanal visits are available all year
» April–June offers the best wildlife observation conditions and is outside peak season

In Brazil’s vast interior region of Mato Grosso lies the Pantanal, an area approximately half the size of New Zealand. The Pantanal is one of the world’s most productive habitats. Annual floods, fed by tropical rains, create a giant nursery for life. As the waters recede in the dry season, the Pantanal attracts a great influx of birds and other animals.

The seasonally-flooded savannahs and tropical forests offer some of the finest wildlife viewing in Latin America. Even Dr Doolittle would be surprised at the number of animals to see – parrots, anteaters, peccaries, capybara, giant otters, giant anteaters, tapirs... and if you’re a cat person, chances are good you’ll see the regal jaguar.

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Support the Junior All Blacks and Black Sticks at their respective World Championships in Argentina
» Rugby Junior World Championship, 5–21 June, Argentina
» Women’s Hockey World Cup, 30 August–12 September, Argentina

The Junior ABs will be defending their world champion status in June, while the NZ women’s hockey team will be seeking to lift the world cup for the first time in September. Away from the drama and excitement of the games, our supporters’ packages will give you a fun taste of Argentina – see bustling Buenos Aires, visit a typical ranch, taste an authentic Argentinean open fire roast with some excellent local wines, and more...

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Discover the importance of Ernest on the Hemingway Trail in Spain
» Available year 'round, the San Fermín fiestas run from 6–14 July

Ernest Hemingway, in addition to writing some of the 20th century’s best novels, was a man who truly understood Spain and the Spanish character. Ernest is long gone, but the Spanish character remains with all its intensity, joy and passion.

Follow in Hemingway’s footsteps with this trip; take a cocktail in the Chicote bar, journalists’ favourite wartime watering hole in Madrid. Then head north to Pamplona. Find out just how Ernest achieved his famed paunch as you quaff the fantastic local cider, red wines and chorizo, visiting the places that inspired his masterworks. If you go in early July, witness the colour and spectacle first hand of the famous fiestas of San Fermín, with a balcony view of the heart –pounding running of the bulls.

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From the Clouds to the Desert in Argentina and Chile
» Tours of Argentina’s Northwest and Chile’s Atacama, including the Train to the Clouds, are available all year

The north western region of Argentina is rich with a history that stretches back to the indigenous Indian people. It’s a country of spectacular landscapes too, plunging valleys and soaring Andean mountains against topaz skies.

A breathtaking way to see this is on the “Train to the Clouds”, one of South America’s great train journeys. As you wend your way up to 4 200 metres in the Andes it’s comforting to know there is oxygen aboard should it be required. The Argentinean northwest also makes for a convenient crossing point into Chile and the equally fascinating landscapes of the Atacama Desert, the driest place on Earth.

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Taste Northern Portugal, an overlooked European treasure...
» Northern Portugal tours available year round. Minimum group size four people.

Perhaps because of its remote location on the edge of continental Europe, northern Portugal is an overlooked European destination. This is a shame as the area has so much to offer in terms of history, culture and scenery. Porto, the regional capital is a resplendent must-see on the banks of the Douro River. The nearby town of Guimarães has been nominated as European Cultural Capital for 2012, and is regarded as the historical birthplace of modern Portugal. The Douro River is the traditional artery for delivery of those delectable port wines. The beautiful Douro region is justly famous for its ports and wines, being the oldest denominated wine region in the world.

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